News 22.11.18

Press release: NTRC launches the first HTS Assay for Arginase-1 inhibitors at ENA2018 Copy

NTRC launches the first High-throughput Screening Assay for Arginase-1 inhibitors at ENA2018. Arginase-1 (Arg-1) is an important drug target for cancer immunotherapy.

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News 10.11.18

Get this presentation about uHTS Copy

SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening) visited Europe and the Pivot Park Screening Centre in June this year. During...

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News 05.11.18

New predictive drug response biomarkers for approved kinase inhibitors

Press release, Oss, November, 02, 2018 Kinase inhibitors illustrate the successful translation of basic scientific knowledge of cancer into new...

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News 18.10.18

Funding Event 2018

We believe in connecting the right people to the right knowledge. Therefore, we organize the Funding Event on November 15th....

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News 04.10.18

Community Meeting

On September 27th, the community meeting took place. We discussed about several topics. Attached the presentation. If you have any questions...

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News 09.09.18

Noviogel acts as a novel wounds dressing

Full-thickness dorsal skin wounds in mice were treated with Noviogel for 3 and 7 days.

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News 17.07.18

Dutch Heart Foundation, UMC Groningen and Pivot Park Screening Centre collaborate on heart failure High number of SMEs benefit greatly from the European Lead Factory

Scientists from UMC Groningen and Pivot Park Screening Centre have started a study with the objective to prevent one of...

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News 13.07.18

A cup of coffee with … Sander van Asbeck

“It is our mission to develop the next generation of (nano)medicines; low in side-effects and high in efficacy."

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News 12.06.18

NTRC expands OncolinesProfiler™ reference compound database to 162 anti-cancer agents

New compounds include Herceptin® (trastuzumab), the antibody drug conjugate Kadcyla®, the SUMOylation inhibitor ML-792, and the selective BTK inhibitor acalabrutinib.

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