Pivot Park is a life sciences campus, with a special focus on pharmaceutical innovation. The campus offers lab and office space of any size with access to high-quality pharmaceutical R&D facilities and infrastructure and expertise. This gives companies the opportunity to accelerate, grow and excel in the area of ​​drug discovery and development.

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Webinar: What can Small Molecule modelling offer you? on 09.07.20

The second webinar presented by Schrödinger is about how computational protocols have advanced in the last few years to make quantifiable impact in projects for small molecules in drug design.

Seminar Molecule 2 Business: How Covid-19 Pandemic boosts innovation and new business on 24.09.20

  Save the date for this seminar, organised by BRISKR – Pivot Park – SMB – Health Valley More info...

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Citryll completes € 18.5 M fundraise to develop CIT-013, an an...

02 Jul 20
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Modernisatie en verduurzaming van Pivot Park-labs in volle gang

22 Jun 20
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PimBio receives a grant for feasibility study

11 Jun 20
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“We knokken op drie fronten mee tegen corona”

09 Jun 20
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Novel Screening Assay for Arginase-1 Inhibitors published in S...

28 May 20
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Pivot Park biedt medewerkers IBN volwaardige werkomgeving

20 May 20
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Primeur voor Pivot Park: kostbare vriesdroger geplaatst in pro...

14 May 20
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Expand your knowledge with online sessions offered by the BOM

07 May 20
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Tiofarma werkt samen met InProcess-LSP aan Propofol nano-emulsie.

07 May 20
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Pivot Park – hotspot for pharmaceutical innovation.


Pivot Park makes sure that innovative starting and growing life sciences companies can develop their pharmaceuticals within the best possible conditions.


When working at Pivot Park you’re automatically part of an active, innovative pharma R&D community, which acts as a hub to an even wider international network and contributes to a healthy society.

Welcome to Pivot Park!

“We chose Pivot Park because of its state-of-the-art facilities, they were turnkey”

“It has been an absolute no-brainer for us”

“The whole territory breathes pharmaceutical development”

Watch the video and learn how the Community experiences Pivot Park