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Pivot Park campus is a proven driver of innovation and entrepreneurship, with more than 1.000 people employed at more than 60 companies across the community. This spirit of innovation includes supporting life science education and building links with universities, research institutes and other science and technology campuses in the Netherlands and Europe.

Our vision is to be Europe’s foremost campus for biopharmaceutical innovation and discovery

Pivot Park was born of a vision of creating an optimal location for innovative companies in the pharmaceutical sector. Start-up, scale-up and mature, we help entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth. We create and maintain a stimulating environment of mutual learning and shared knowledge-exchange. We nurture the hotspot for pharmaceutical innovation in Europe – a truly inspiring place for everyone who is passionate about biopharmaceutical science.

We do this by understanding that start-ups and growing companies drive the development of innovative medicines. So we help these visionary entrepreneurs to define the factors that will be critical to their success. Then we ensure they have all the resources that are critical to their business. Things like customised lab and office facilities, support services, pathways to finance, gateways to knowledge and access to outstanding scientific and entrepreneurial expertise. And we accelerate the development of pharmaceutical innovation by connecting new and growing companies to the benefit of the organisations and their people who work here.

The result is the foremost campus for biopharmaceutical innovation and discovery in Europe today. A dynamic and uniquely pharma-based knowledge community that is primed to excel, accelerate and grow.

Driving innovation through data

Pivot Park enables companies that focus on innovative drug development. How successful are we? The answer is in the data. By mapping networks, collaborations, finance attracted and patents registered, we can visualise what we and our tenants are doing – and use this innovation dashboard to further boost their and our innovative capacity.

Embedded in an ecosystem of world-leading pharma R&D

Pivot Park is part of an ecosystem of leading companies and knowledge institutes that focus on innovations in drug development. Through these connections, the park community helps ambitious entrepreneurs ensure they have all the resources they need to accelerate their growth.

Our tenants include on-site advisors who can assist with funding, mergers and partnerships – the financial expertise that start-ups and scale-ups often need. Young businesses also frequently require highly specialised equipment and know-how, but often lack the resources to build their own. So, it’s good to know that several companies at Pivot Park offer ready-to-use facilities and expert guidance to the community. These include two GMP-qualified pilot plants (gram-to-kilogram and fill-and-finish), analytical support including NMR, LC-MS and cleanrooms and a well-equipped Open Access Laboratory. Pivot Park is also the only place in Europe to offer an ultra-high-throughput screening centre to accelerate drug discoveries. Further, the community benefits from a large pharma ecosystem that consists of Pivot Park and its neighbours Aspen, MSD and Organon.

In 2022-23, Pivot Park, Organon, Aspen, MSD and the city of Oss will celebrate 100 years of pharma R&D and production in Oss. Find out more here >

The campus is also closely aligned with the city of Oss, which has defined life sciences, agri-food and logistics as fundamental economic building blocks. The city’s strategy therefore complements the needs of our pharma R&D offering, making it an ideal location for companies looking to develop, scale up and commercialise products and processes. Pivot Park is also part of a wider ecosystem that includes the adjoining Health Valley life science and innovation network.

The result is business-focused support from an exceptional network of industry, research, academic and professional training organisations, located in a city and region that welcomes and supports innovation and innovative companies.

100 years in the making
A strong record in pharma

Pivot Park was created next to the Organon/ MSD site in Oss in 2012. Since then, it has grown exponentially. In 2020, Pivot Park revealed ambitious plans for new buildings and a further scaling up of its offering, cementing its position as Europe’s foremost pharmaceutical campus.

Oss’s development into a pharmaceutical hotspot began when Dr Saal van Zwanenberg founded Organon as a separate part of his meat processing factory.

Zwanenberg wanted to find a use for the offal from his factories, but while there was a suspicion that animal organs contained medically useful substances, no one knew how to isolate them.

This changed in 1921 when two Canadian researchers discovered how to extract insulin
from the pancreas. Learning of this, Saal van Zwanenberg founded Organon in 1923. Working with chemists Ernst Laqueur and Jacques van Oss, the three found a way to extract insulin on an industrial scale from the pancreas of slaughtered pigs. The first Organon product was created. From there, Organon went on to develop a broad range of groundbreaking discoveries, such as insulin and the anti-conception pill.

One hundred years on and Oss, the cradle of the Dutch pharmaceutical sector, is still a thriving location. Pivot Park has everything required by the next generation of pharmaceutical innovators. An environment filled with like-minded people encourages entrepreneurship and there is nowhere else in the Netherlands with so much pharmaceutical knowledge and expertise within one square kilometre.

Today: focused on biopharmaceutical sciences
Leading in immunology and cell therapy

Pivot Park is a prime location for companies that produce biopharmaceutical and biotech-based drugs. The companies at Pivot Park work in a variety of therapeutic areas. These range from small molecule development to complex antibody structures, from vaccines and viruses to immunology, oncology, cell and gene therapy. All based on biological methods rather than chemical synthesis.

Doing good while doing better
Our vision on sustainability

Pivot Park’s exists to support biotech entrepreneurs in their drive to improve human health. Given this, it makes sense that we play our part in improving the sustainability of the campus. We have therefore developed a number of targets and programmes for the future. These are based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, with some of those being more applicable than others.

The basic concept is to find practical ways in which Pivot Park can contribute to making a positive social impact while achieving financial growth. The biggest and most obvious area in which we can do this is housing and the services that go with operating a leading life science campus – energy, waste, mobility options, the social aspects, employability and so on. In doing so, we take the entire lifecycle and chain into account so that we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

You can read more about our record and ambitions in the sustainability policy.

Working together in a
strong knowledge network

Networks and partnerships are a key element in making Pivot Park the go-to location for biopharmaceutical innovation. The forerunner of Pivot Park was the first public-private partnership in the Netherlands, and today’s campus is the product of a similarly visionary network and partnership approach.

The Pivot Park network includes life science, health, innovation, business development and other key knowledge partners who directly and indirectly support the ambitions of the park and our tenants. As a Pivot Park tenant, we can help you with useful contacts on a wide range of topics. Our partners also regularly share their knowledge through events and network activities. Below is an overview of some of the partners of Pivot Park. For more specific information about our partners’ services and specialisms, contact

Network Partners

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Boston by the North Sea

Dutch Association
Innovative Medicines

The opportunity to create in the
Netherland a kind of Boston by the North Sea

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Pivot Park, hotspot for pharmaceutical innovation

Brabant Development Association

The power of working together on successful drug discovery

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To download our sustainability report we would like to receive your e-mail. 

Thank you for you interest!

To print our sustainability report we would like to receive your e-mail. 


The Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM) is a growth accelerator that helps businesses to realise ambitions, enter new markets and develop groundbreaking ideas.


Health-Holland is the name for the Dutch ‘Top Sector’ or policy framework for Life Sciences & Health. The sector initiates and stimulates interdisciplinary R&D in public-private partnerships.

Health Valley

The Health Valley network connects and strengthens companies, care & welfare institutions, knowledge institutions, government bodies, networks and end users in the east of the Netherland.


HollandBIO represents and connects life sciences companies in the Netherlands and stimulates the rapid rollout of the innovations they develop to society as a whole.

Holland Expat Center South

Holland Expat Center South is a non-profit governmental agency. It is a joint initiative of the participating municipalities, the Immigration and Naturalisation Services (IND), Brainport Development, and the province of Noord-Brabant.

Innovation for Health

Innovation for Health is the leading conference for key players in Health & Life Sciences. It enables leading innovators to catch up on the latest trends, present cutting-edge innovations and to engage leaders and decision-makers in Life Sciences & Health.


The LifetecZONe network stimulates new collaborations by bringing together innovative medical technology and life sciences companies to share knowledge and experience informally and in confidence.

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) is a one-stop-shop for successful European expansion and has enabled over 4,000 companies from 50 countries to establish or expand their business in the Netherlands.

Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland

The Netherlands Patent Office (Octrooicentrum Nederland) is the patent granting authority for the Netherlands and part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen

The Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen (Association of Innovative Medicines) is the Dutch trade association for drug manufacturers that focus on the research and development of new medicines. The Association has more than 40 members.

Pivot Park Captains' Dinner

10 years ago, Pivot Park opened its doors to the world. Thanks to your commitment, support and confidence, we have been able to grow it into the successful and innovative biopharmaceutical campus it is today.

Now it’s time to celebrate!

We are therefore delighted to invite you – along with all your fellow CEOs at Pivot Park – to a special night out featuring inspiring art, a wonderful dinner and lots of opportunities to network and exchange ideas.

Erwin Wurm | Am I a House?

For the first time, the artist shows a cross-section of his work, from Narrow Furniture to One Minute Sculptures, within the walls of a historic building. Villa Constance, a former home that today houses Museum Jan Cunen, is not only a location but also part of the conversation. Because what exactly is a house?


The development of medicines in Oss began one hundred years ago. It was then that the foundations were laid for what would become a flourishing pharmaceutical sector in the Netherlands, leading to groundbreaking discoveries such as insulin and the anti-conception pill.

Today, the entire chain is still represented in Oss, from early-stage research to the commercial scale production of medicines. Working in Oss, we focus on the health of people all over the world. Employees at dozens of companies large and small put their heart and soul into new medicines, products and services that will improve lives worldwide. Together, our strength lies in our combination of broad knowledge about the development of medicines and a thorough understanding of the requirements of high-quality production.

This shared past and common values stimulate strong bonds among everyone who works in pharmaceuticals in Oss. We build on qualities, expertise and networks that go back decades. And with a wide variety of pharmaceutical companies, suppliers and scientific institutions all located nearby, we offer an attractive business climate and an excellent basis for international collaboration.

We are proud to work together to create a better and healthier future for all, a collaboration that in turn fuels growing employment: today, most pharmaceutical jobs in the Netherlands are in Oss. Here we connect talent and companies and stimulate entrepreneurship, while our expert employees are our most important asset. Their drive ensures that Oss has an influence on health all over the world.

Pharma in Oss offers endless opportunities to startups and talent in a city and region that is a joy to live and work in. We are committed to collaboration and sustainable and successful entrepreneurship. Oss’s pharmaceutical companies are intrinsically competitive while also being committed to quality and safety. This, plus their focus on new health solutions and contemporary technology, makes us a leader in our pursuit of a better life for people worldwide.