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A unique

innovation campus

A dynamic campus and knowledge community for start-up, scale-up and established biopharmaceutical players.

Pivot Park provides the ideal conditions for innovative life science entrepreneurs and companies

Developing complex pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products is a real challenge – one we understand and address in a variety of ways. For example, we offer turnkey pharmaceutical laboratory and office facilities, we aim to attract a complementary mix of tenants and we take an active approach to community building and mutual support within the campus community. The result is Europe’s foremost campus for biopharmaceutical innovation and discovery.

Facilities, expertise and services

Pivot Park is a one-stop location for start-up, scale-up and established biopharmaceutical innovators. Looking for a bare bones shell (with infrastructure) that you can design and adapt as you like? We offer that. Would you prefer a turnkey solution that covers your office space, office furniture, high-speed LAN, WiFi, conferencing and lab needs? We have that too. And if for some reason we don’t have what you need, we will get it for you.

Among the benefits we offer is a single environmental permit that covers the activities of all our tenants. We also conduct annual audits to ensure that all tenants meet the permit criteria. Another is that a number of companies at Pivot Park offer their technology breakthroughs as platforms that can be used to develop multiple treatments based on a single technology.

Then there’s the Pivot Park Screening Centre, which offers ultra-High-Throughput Screening (uHTS) and lab automation services to accelerate drug discovery programmes. The centre includes an online compound store with capacity for 2.5 million samples, ECHO acoustic dispensers for contact-free dispensing and a wide range of instruments to perform fully automated biochemical and cellular assays in 1536 or 384 well format. The uHTS routinely measures over 200,000 data samples per day.

Pivot Park tenants BioConnection and Ardena offer contract services and GMP manufacturing for the development and production of sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical drug products. The Pivot Park facility is EMA and FDA certified and is ideal for small to medium batch sizes for both clinical trial material and commercial product supply.

On-site analytical and entrepreneurial support comes in the form of a variety of tenants who provide a wide range of analytical and entrepreneurial services. These include lab services, regulatory consultants, patent advisors, commercial law services and knowledge-sharing stimulators.

And last but not least, we have a lot of shared spaces where people working here can meet and share, formally and informally. These include lounge areas and coffee corners, plus high-tech meeting rooms, a spacious auditorium and a restaurant.

Centre of knowledge

Pivot Park is at the centre of a vibrant ecosystem of Dutch and European universities, educational institutes, research institutes and centres of excellence that work in similar and related fields. Along with being a biopharma knowledge centre, Pivot Park is also part of the established life sciences, agri-food processing and logistics axis in and around the city of Oss. This results in an exceptional network of industry, research, academic and professional training organisations that you can turn to whenever you could benefit from some outside skills or support.

Our tenants include on-site advisors who can assist with funding, mergers and partnerships. This is the type of financial expertise that start-ups and scale-ups often need. Young businesses also typically require highly specialised equipment and know-how. Help is at hand, with several Pivot Park companies offering ready-to-use facilities and expert guidance to the community.

The park is closely aligned with the city of Oss, which defines the life science, agri-food and logistics axis as economic building blocks. The city infrastructure therefore matches the needs of our pharma R&D offering, making it an ideal location for this type of venture. Oss is also at the centre of a wider, related ecosystem. This includes the adjoining Health Valley life science and innovation network, stretching from Eindhoven to Nijmegen to Boxmeer. The result is an exceptional network of complementary industry, research, academic and professional training organisations to support businesses.

This combination of factors makes Oss a leading European location for companies looking to develop, scale up and commercialiseprocesses and products. The Oss municipality is keen to support any company that wishes to establish itself here.

Open access labs

The Open Access Laboratories at Pivot Park use the five “islands of automation” concept to provide drug discovery services for assay development, ultra-High-Throughput Screening and hit-2-lead testing to find novel leads for drug development.

Employing Orca robotic systems and Biomek liquid handlers, the labs streamline plate preparation, the creation of serial dilutions, testing of assay panels for selectivity, HTS and other processes. Tenants and guests are welcome to use the labs’ systems and advanced instrumentation to automate their workflows or as part of their research projects. Experts are available for training, to offer advice and for troubleshooting.

Excellent connections

The Netherlands likes to style itself as the gateway to Europe. Pivot Park proves the point. The campus, in Oss in the south of the country, is ideally located for doing research and doing business.

The campus is an hour’s drive from the headquarters of the European Medicine Agency (EMA), in Amsterdam and a two-hour drive from Brussels, home of the European Parliament. Berlin is a six-hour drive and London is one hour by air. There are also numerous pharma and biotech hotspots, research institutes and universities within a 200 km radius.

The campus is situated in Oss, conveniently close to motorways running north-south and east-west and has its own car park. Oss railway station is within walking distance of Pivot Park. It has good direct local connections, plus international connections via nearby ’s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) and Arnhem. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Maastricht/Aachen and Düsseldorf airports are all about 1-2 hours away by car. Eindhoven airport is 30 minutes away.

Located in entrepreneurial Oss, the Netherlands
A great place to grow, create and have fun

Pivot Park is in Oss, the spiritual home of the Dutch pharmaceutical industry and the ideal place for talented people who want to develop new ideas and drive growth, all while enjoying an unmatched work-life balance.

With culture, fresh air, sports clubs, a child-friendly environment, excellent education and more, Oss and the surrounding province of North Brabant offer everything you could want to have a great time. There’s beautiful countryside right on your doorstep, top museums, modern leisure and sports facilities, quality dining and shopping options and a real community spirit and civic pride. The city also offers fast connections to Germany and Belgium, the North Sea coast and iconic Dutch cities like Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Maastricht, Delft, The Hague, Leiden and more.

Another factor to consider for internationals considering locating here is that the Netherlands has a strong, stable economy and a proven track record when it comes to investing in innovation and backing businesses in the high-tech sector.

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Pivot Park Captains' Dinner

10 years ago, Pivot Park opened its doors to the world. Thanks to your commitment, support and confidence, we have been able to grow it into the successful and innovative biopharmaceutical campus it is today.

Now it’s time to celebrate!

We are therefore delighted to invite you – along with all your fellow CEOs at Pivot Park – to a special night out featuring inspiring art, a wonderful dinner and lots of opportunities to network and exchange ideas.

Erwin Wurm | Am I a House?

For the first time, the artist shows a cross-section of his work, from Narrow Furniture to One Minute Sculptures, within the walls of a historic building. Villa Constance, a former home that today houses Museum Jan Cunen, is not only a location but also part of the conversation. Because what exactly is a house?


The development of medicines in Oss began one hundred years ago. It was then that the foundations were laid for what would become a flourishing pharmaceutical sector in the Netherlands, leading to groundbreaking discoveries such as insulin and the anti-conception pill.

Today, the entire chain is still represented in Oss, from early-stage research to the commercial scale production of medicines. Working in Oss, we focus on the health of people all over the world. Employees at dozens of companies large and small put their heart and soul into new medicines, products and services that will improve lives worldwide. Together, our strength lies in our combination of broad knowledge about the development of medicines and a thorough understanding of the requirements of high-quality production.

This shared past and common values stimulate strong bonds among everyone who works in pharmaceuticals in Oss. We build on qualities, expertise and networks that go back decades. And with a wide variety of pharmaceutical companies, suppliers and scientific institutions all located nearby, we offer an attractive business climate and an excellent basis for international collaboration.

We are proud to work together to create a better and healthier future for all, a collaboration that in turn fuels growing employment: today, most pharmaceutical jobs in the Netherlands are in Oss. Here we connect talent and companies and stimulate entrepreneurship, while our expert employees are our most important asset. Their drive ensures that Oss has an influence on health all over the world.

Pharma in Oss offers endless opportunities to startups and talent in a city and region that is a joy to live and work in. We are committed to collaboration and sustainable and successful entrepreneurship. Oss’s pharmaceutical companies are intrinsically competitive while also being committed to quality and safety. This, plus their focus on new health solutions and contemporary technology, makes us a leader in our pursuit of a better life for people worldwide.