The Pivot Park ecosystem consists of an active and innovative pharma R&D Community, that acts as a hub within a broader international network. At Pivot Park, companies have every opportunity to be inspired by one another through networking sessions, project-based partnerships or scientific conferences.


Community testimonials

"At Pivot Park we can make use of an excellent infrastructure and network, fully equipped laboratories and very expensive equipment that we would otherwise have had to purchase ourselves. As a result, we do not have to make any major investments in equipment at this time and we can focus on our research."

"Our company has grown to such an extent that we needed more space. Thanks to good cooperation with Pivot Park, we were able to rebuild the labs in a short time and we were able to quickly move into the new labs and office spaces. "

"Here are facilities that are not available anywhere else. The Pivot Park Screening Center (PPSC) is a good example of this. "

"Access to a growing innovative life sciences community that offers us enterprising opportunities was an important factor for us to opt for Pivot Park."

"Thanks to the presence of laboratory facilities we were able to serve our customers directly from the moment we were founded."

"To take steps forward you need good facilities. They are fully present at the Pivot Park, with its high-quality laboratories. In addition, you are based on a park in an environment with other pharma companies, which can open the way to new partnerships."