Product development

PharmaCytics develops technologies to enable transport of small molecules through cellular membranes. Our focus is to improve the bioavailability of oral drugs by facilitating their absorption through the intestinal wall.


Currently we are working on improving the oral bioavailability of already marketed products. These are commercially available for co-development and at the same time they serve a showcases for products that are hampered or stopped in R&D. In those stopped/shelved products there is a lot to gain with our technologies.

PharmaCytics has several compounds in various areas ranging e.g. oncology, neurology and internal medicine. All are improved marketed products in the pre-clinical phase.

Services and products 

  • PharmaCytics co-develops compounds with our partners from the pre-clinical phase onwards.
  • Not the disease area, but the chemical structure determines if our technology fits.
  • We can disclose the products we are working on, after we signed an NDA.


PharmaCytics welcomes highly motivated and sufficiently skilled interns that have the ambition to grow in organic synthesis; Polytechnic and University Master level.

When you are interested please send your application (CV and motivation) to Gerrit Veeneman, CSO:

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