Product development

PimBio B.V. is founded in 2014 to develop new and promising microfluidic devices for bioengineering of physiologically relevant living tissue which can be used in scientific research, regenerative medicine and industry.


The essence for PimBio is to work together with customers on innovative and reliable solutions in the complete trajectory from idea to manufacturing to provide research and industrial community unique and innovative solutions with 3Rs potential to improve people’s lives.

Area of work

Drug discovery, Drug development, Oncology, Regenerative medicines, Organ-on-a-chip

Services and products

Development and distribution of microfluidic devices for cell culture

``By establishing Pivot Park in Oss, PimBio is immediately part of an excellent network of companies that are directly or indirectly involved in Life Sciences research worldwide.``

News from PimBio

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13 Jul 21

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