Product development

Helping to Bring Improved and Novel Therapies to the Right Patient Population Faster

Oncolines is a precision medicine services company in oncology and cancer immunotherapy. Our Clients are clinical and preclinical biopharma companies and academic institutions that seek differentiation for their drugs and drug candidates. By cancer cell panel profiling, we identify predictive drug response biomarkers, new disease indications, and synergistic drug combinations. We present results in a unique interactive reporting format to facilitate easier and faster interpretation of results. To investigate the mechanism of action of compounds, we perform gene and protein expression analysis, DNA and RNA sequencing. We generate, process, analyze, visualize, and interpret complex data. We present meaningful data and discuss them with our Clients. With our extensive reference compound database, we identify differentiation and mechanism of action. We share our knowledge in cancer drug development. We help cancer researchers to move their projects to the clinic faster.


Area of work

Drug discovery, Drug development, Oncology, Cancer Cell Panel Profiling, Binding kinetics, Assay reagents


  • Oncolines™: Profiling of one compound in parallel on a panel of 102 human cancer cell line proliferation assays.
    A compound can be a small molecule, a biologic, or anti-body drug conjugate. The cancer cell lines are characterized with regard to the presence or absence of more than hundred cancer genes. Correlation of cancer cell line sensitivity and genotype is used to identify novel drug sensitivity biomarkers that can be used for patient stratification.
  • SynergyFinder™: Testing of combinations of compounds in Oncolines™ cell proliferation assays. Studies can be small combination studies or large SynergyScreens™.
  • ResidenceTimer™: Measurement of association and dissociation rate constant (which is the inverse of the target residence time) of compounds binding to protein kinases. Currently, assays are available for more than sixty kinases.


  • NFK Green™: Assay reagent to measure the activity of tryptophan metabolizing enzymes IDO1 and TDO, which are two important cancer immunotherapy drug targets. Oncolines sells biochemical and cell-based assays kits to its customers worldwide.


Oncolines offers internship positions for bachelor and master students in (medical) biology and medicinal chemistry.