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Noviocell BV is a highly innovative biotechnology company that focuses on the development of the first ever synthetic solution for 3D cell culturing, opening up entirely new avenues ranging from organoid growth to personalized medicine.

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One of the common challenges of cancer treatment is a lack of effective therapies. Organoids are considered to be the solution to accelerate the development of new therapies for cancer. Recent highlights include brain, liver and disease-specific organoids. These will contribute to our understanding of health and disease as well as identification of new therapeutic targets and biomarkers. But to fully leverage the potential of 3D cell culturing it is necessary to address three key bottlenecks: robustness, scalability and clinical use.

Basement membrane proteins derived from mouse sarcoma cells are the leading products used for 3D cell culturing but it has several limitations as it has batch-to-batch variability, limited scalability and – due to its natural composition – it cannot be used in a clinical settings. Other synthetic hydrogel alternatives are available, but they do not provide optimal extracellular matrix environment and they can only be used for a limited number of cell types.

Noviocell BV aims to become a global leader in 3D cell culturing by providing a ground-breaking technology that will make organoids suitable for industrial applications and provide unique solutions for regenerative medicine.

Area of work

Drug discovery, Drug development, Organoids, Personalized medicine, Oncology, Hydrogels, 3D cell culture

Drug development Pipeline 

Lead Discovery – Lead optimisation

Services and products 

  • 10 ml Novio-P               Plain PIC hydrogel
  • 10 ml Novio-RGD         PIC hydrogel with coupled GRGDS peptides

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If you are interested to do an internship in polymer chemistry or cell biology at Noviocell, then send an email to

Pivot Park heeft door haar infrastructuur, haar aanwezige laboratoria en kantoorruimtes en de aanwezigheid van chemisch en celbiologische gerichte bedrijven de juiste omgeving voor Noviocell om een start te gaan maken. Daarin zie ik de potentie van kennisdeling en samenwerkingen als een mogelijke belangrijke bijdrage aan het succes van Noviocell.

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