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We at No1robotics believe in a future, where social robots will be part of our everyday lives. We want to help to define this future and are working with our team to makes it reality.

We train people in health care, education, local government and retail to make their first step in applying humanoid robots in the workspace.

Together we design and develop specially tailored solutions for robots and sentient personalities.
We are working on creating artificial intelligence for various robots as they set out to make their dreams a reality and bring sentient robots into people’s lives. By applying machine learning to our artificial network we are able to adapt your personality to the robots. The future starts today.

We closely follow all new developments over the world and bring the robots with the highest potential to the Netherlands and Germany. Simple and effective implementation and usage is in the focus of our customer orientation. Our effort is offering the best service possible. Together we find the find the perfect use case that fits within your company.

Products and services

Take the challenge of innovation in your business by implementing humanoid robots to enrich customer experience and transform the interace you use to interact with them.