Product development

For over 10 years ModiQuest Research specializes in the generation of monoclonal antibodies against difficult targets for R&D, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


Using our proprietary ModiVacc™ (hyper-immune stimulatory cell immunization), ModiFuse™ (electrofusion-based hybridoma generation), ModiSelect™ (antigen-specific B-cell selection) and ModiPhage™ (phage display) technologies, we can generate monoclonal antibodies from multiple species against virtually any target. Besides lead antibody generation, we also provide antibody engineering such as affinity maturation and humanization (ModiTune™), and production in transient and stable mammalian cell systems (ModiXpress™). All services are offered on a fee-for-service basis.

Area of work

Drug discovery, Drug development, Oncology, Immunology, Antibodies, Inflammatory diseases, Diagnostics

Services and products

Besides generating monoclonal antibodies ModiQuest Research offers a range of immunological products to enable early research into new antibody therapeutics and diagnostics. These products contain unique and highly specialised reagents to enable research in autoimmune disease, infectious diseases including fungal and parasitic diseases and oncology.
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Our clients span academic institutes, small biotech right through to large pharma and include:


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