Contract research organisation

GlycoMScan provides contract research and analytical services for pharma, life sciences companies and academia. We are specialized in mass spectrometry and have a background in protein and glycosylation analyses, especially in the building blocks thereof which are present in the intracellular metabolism. The company started in April 2018 with preclinical analyses of nucleotide sugars for a start-up pharmaceutical company in San Francisco (US), to aim for the first medicine for the rare disorder PMM2-CDG, a congenital disorder of glycosylation. Within a short time, the number of customers increased from 1 to >10, and currently we offer the following type of analyses:

  • protein glycosylation analyses
  • nucleotide sugars
  • phosphorylated sugars and analyses of other intracellular metabolites
  • pharmacokinetics
  • purity analyses
  • stability studies
  • biomarker studies
  • peptide mapping
  • compound quantification.

GlycoMScan has a collaboration with Radboud UMC, in which we will together apply for grants and share methodologies to strengthen each other. With three complementary mass spectrometers and a broad (bio)chemical and pharmaceutical background we provide you with the proper knowledge to succeed in your projects.

Area of work
Mass spectrometry services for pharma and life sciences, analytical services and contract research.


”I chose Pivot Park because of the inspiring atmosphere of (start-up) companies in pharma and life sciences, the good quality laboratory facilities and the opportunity for me and my company to serve your R&D with my services in mass spectrometry.”

News from GlycoMScan

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