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GenTac, joining the Pivot Park community in September, provides the tactical and strategic tools of transnational communications to industry, institutions, agencies, publications and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

GenTac’s range of services includes comprehensive press kits, marketing packages, individual executive bios, press releases, proposals and SEO content, as well as ancillary support in web strategies, social media, publishing, photography, opt-in email marketing, strategic consulting and much more.

``I sat down at the PC to begin searching for a space to house GenTac. Ideally, that would be a spot in an internationally-inclined office setting. A bonus would be a clean industrial-style campus with an elevated level of sophistication. After visiting, learning more about Pivot Park’s history, the current scheme of things and future development plans, I was sold. We’re looking forward to growing and developing our business along with our fellow Pivot Park entrepreneurs.``

News from GenTac

New at Pivot Park – GenTac

13 Sep 17