Supporting pharma service

Ekoy Investment Partners specializes in creating value by providing entrepreneurs with the resources and tools to achieve success in transforming intellectual capital and scientific knowledge into successful companies.


EIP does not only provide the financial means but also takes an active role in strategic processes. We partner with innovative companies in Europe, USA and Asia. The core expertise is in Mergers & Acquisitions, partnerships and private placements with a focus on life science companies including biotechnology, big pharma, specialty pharma, medical devices, research tools and diagnostics.

Area of work

Funding, Consultancy, Strategic support

Services and products

1. M&A Sell-side:

  • EIP provides business owners with sell-side advisory services.
  • Experience and knowledge of the sales process.

2. Partnering:

  • Network analysis (social network, knowledge networks, communities of practice) to identify potential collaboration opportunities.
  • Selection and collaboration fit analysis (strategic, financial and cultural fit).
  • Connection and engagement, knowledge, support and collaborative negotiations.

3. Private Placement:

  • Facilitation the placement process from beginning to end.
  • Structuring of the transaction
  • Preparation of a summary of terms and placement memorandum.
  • Development of a business/marketing strategy.
  • Contacting investors to market the financing.
  • Negotiating final term with investors, and expediting documentation and closing.

4. M&A Buyside:

  • Process guidance, due diligence and valuation advice to buyers.
  • Advising management teams in formulating buyout plans.
  • Support on negotiating the transaction
  • Arranging financing and conducting due diligence on the target company.
  • Since we are independent we also can advice not to buy, but wait and work for better opportunities.


Please contact us directly to discuss potential internship opportunities in one of the (Start-up) companies in our portfolio.