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Total solutions where the human factor is highly important this is great relevance for Dotcombusiness in the past 16 years. The knowledge provider in the field of office automation provides mids and small business with the whole range: from consulting, security and monitoring to the introduction of a completely new network.

Number of employees: 11


ICT is and remains human work. The added value of Dotcombusiness is that we look into the customers perpective, from which position we can form an representation of the organization. This makes it possible to align supply and demand flawlessly. We are committed to long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Knowledge and customizing are our specialties.

Area of work

IT Support

Services and products

  • Advising ict solutions
  • Office365
  • Voip
  • All-in network management/Monitoring

Job openings

Dotcombusiness is constantly looking for new talent. We seek motivated people who like to work in a hectic and dynamic environment. It concerns helpdesk staff and ict project engineers.


We have continuous space for at least 1 internship at MBO or HBO level.

Dotcombusiness created rest by providing a smooth transition of network environment