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Cytura Therapeutics is an early stage pharmaceutical company, based at the Pivot Park Life Science Campus in Oss, the Netherlands. Cytura collaborates in close conjunction with the Amsterdam UMC and the Centre for Drug Design and Discovery (CD3) of the KU Leuven in developing a new revolutionary class of disruptive innovative drugs, targeting genomic instability in cancer.


Genomic instability is a major problem in cancer progression and therapy resistance.On the latter, there is a large group of patients who will at first respond to therapy and later on become resistant during treatment. The approach of targeting genomic instability could be applied both as a stand-alone, as well as in combination therapy to overcome resistance.

Genomic instability is a key driver of tumor clonal evolution, metastatic spread and adaptation to treatment.Cytura Therapeutics will tackle cancer at its root by targeting the [cancer-intrinsic] mechanisms of genomic instability. The company is committed to find this medicine which could lead to real advancements in the fight against cancer.

“At Cytura we are very pleased to be part of vibrant and successful community of the Pivot Park. The highly professional services and utilities will certainly support to in achieving our goals and guide us to the road of success”

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New at Pivot Park – Cytura Therapeutics

25 Apr 19