Contract research organisation

Certara, and its Dutch affiliate Quantitative Solutions, provides pharmacometric services in support of drug discovery and development. The core of its services lies in the development of mathematical-statistical models that enable the analysis and interpretation of data from (pre-)clinical studies. Simulations from these models help to inform a wide variety of decisions during R&D and as part of regulatory review and approval.


A specific type of analyses developed at Certara are so-called Model-Based Meta Analyses which aim to characterize the competitive landscape in an indication by integrating all relevant publicly available results from clinical trials in that indication. These analyses typically inform more strategic decisions such as go-no go or in relation to in/out licensing.

In addition to the conduct and reporting of pharmacometric analyses, Certara offers a range of services to pharma and biotech companies, including clinical pharmacology and pharmacometric consultancy in support of drug development decision making, authoring of registration documents and submission files, and the development and implementation of pharmacometric capabilities. In addition to the Oss office, the company has offices around the globe in Europe, North America and Asia.

Area of work

Drug discovery, Drug development, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacometrics, (pre)Clinical-studies, Consultancy, Medical writing

Drug development Pipeline 

Lead Optimization – Market

Services and products

  • Strategic, Quantitative Pharmacometrics Consulting
  • Quantitative Systems Pharmacology
  • Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetics
  • Modeling & Simulation software
  • Regulatory & Medical writing


Certara welcomes applications for internships from Masters or PhD students in Pharmacometrics or related fields. Propose a project topic and we will contact you to discuss further.