Contract research organisation

BioAxis Research provides computational medicinal chemistry, cheminformatics and structure-based drug design services. Using our expertise in state-of-the-art in silico tools and strong background in the pharmaceutical industry, we work with clients ranging from academic spin-offs, small scale start-ups through to big pharma. We work in secure, professional collaborative research projects, helping our clients to identify leads, follow up on early stage discovery activities, and develop drug candidates.


Area of work

Drug design services, Computational medicinal chemistry, Cheminformatics.

Services and products

Full range of Computational Medicinal chemistry techniques using both industry standard commercial software and Open Source tools

  • Screening collection design and complementarity analyses
  • Virtual screening, Hit analogue exploration
  • Multi-parameter Lead optimization
  • QSAR, Datamining
  • KNIME Workflow Analyses, Open Source tool development
  • Structure-based drug design, Pharmacophore elucidation and screening
  • Ligand:Protein (Flexible) Docking, Med Chem Transformations in binding site
  • Compound ADMET analyses