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Arnold + Siedsma is a specialist in the legal protection of intellectual property rights with over 95 years of experience. Arnold + Siedsma  employs over 120 employees, including more than 40 attorneys at law, patent attorneys (Dutch, Belgian and European) and trademark attorneys.


Our services vary from assessing innovations, formulating and obtaining patent and trademark requests, protecting patent and trademark rights in case of transgression to providing strategic and operational IP advice. This allows you to focus all your energy on turning your idea or invention into a commercial success.

Area of work

Intellectual property, Patents, Trademarks, Designs

Services and products

  • Patents: All services that are required in order to obtain a patent, maintenance of a patent, defence of a patent, and the taking of legal action against an infringer on the basis of a patent.
  • Trademarks & Designs: All services from advice on availability of trademarks and designs through to the registration and defence of trademark & design rights.
  • Attorney at law: From advice and litigation up to the drafting of various agreements such as NDA’s, Licence agreements, development agreements etc.


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Joining the Pivot park community gives us the opportunity to meet up and network with professionals active in biotechnology, pharmacy, food technology, environmental technology, medical sciences and diagnostics and support them in issues regarding intellectual property.

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