Product development

APO-T is a privately owned biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of new anti-cancer treatments. Our mission is to serve patients with cancer by providing an efficacious specific treatment that preserves quality of life. Our programs are driven by their potential to replace and/or complement existing products which are associated with side effects and which allow tumors to escape therapy.


In cancer every single treatment becomes less effective as over time the cancer builds up an evasive response. Therefore proper choice of the target, that would allow treatment for prolonged time, is critical. Members of the MAGE-A proteins family were shown to be present in a variety of tumors (including chemo- and radiation-resistant) of different histological origin, but not in normal tissues (with the exception of testicular germ cells and placenta). They are described to play a pivotal role in tumorigenesis and their expression is associated with poor clinical prognosis.

Due to their intracellular expression they remain inaccessible targets unless they undergo proteasomal degradation into short peptides that associate with HLA class I molecules. At APO-T we develop antibody-based therapies (e.g. Antibody Drug Conjugates) by specifically targeting these MAGE-A/HLA complexes expressed at the cell membrane of cancer cells. The high homology between MAGE-A proteins allows for identification of peptides that are shared by multiple members of the MAGE-A family. These multi-MAGE-A peptides presented by HLA molecules allow multi-targeted therapy of tumors with highly heterogeneous expression of individual MAGE-A proteins in individual cells. Sequential targeting of different MAGE-A derived peptides in context of different HLA molecules creates the unique opportunity of efficacious treatment for a prolonged period of time.

Area of work

Oncology, Drug discovery, Drug development, Precision Medicine, Antibody Drug Conjugates

Drug development Pipeline

Multiple drugs in pre-clinical pipeline



When you join our team you will work on our proprietary antibody-based therapeutics, which offer unprecedented advantages due to targeting MHC-I/MAGE complexes, such as:
•   Broad applicability across different tumor indications;
•   Explicit tumor specificity;
•   Opportunity for treatment continuation when escape occurs.

APO-T welcomes highly motivated and sufficiently skilled interns on HBO and University level that have the ambition to support development of novel therapeutics for use in oncology. The minimum duration of internship programmes at APO-T is 6 months. In case you are interested please e-mail your CV and motivation letter to