Product development

We believe that the right combination of knowledge, techniques, effort and enthusiasm will bring us closer to our goal of improving healthcare by developing novel diagnostic as well as therapeutic options.

AbSano develops novel antibodies for innovative diagnostic tools as well as therapeutic purposes. Current projects involve the identification and optimization of antibodies targeting key players in autoimmune diseases and various cancer types. As these selected targets have important roles during the course of various diseases, development of specific antibodies will open up possibilities for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. For instance, depending on the target of interest, these antibodies can be used to interfere with endogenous protein function or to guide a certain compound to the right cell population.


``Pivot Park was first choice for AbSano to establish its base. Especially because the park houses other Biotech Companies with whom AbSano collaborates, and because the park has an excellent infrastructure for life sciences companies.``

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09 Apr 19

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