Synaffix BV, a biotechnology company exclusively focused on the development of industry-leading antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology platforms, today announced that a key patent that encompasses the entire GlycoConnect™ process used to prepare glycan-conjugated ADCs has been granted in the US (US 9,504,758 B2), further strengthening its IP portfolio.

The patent titled “MODIFIED ANTIBODY, ANTIBODY-CONJUGATE AND PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION THEREOF”, covers key aspects of the GlycoConnect™ site-specific ADC platform that is based on attaching payloads directly to the antibody glycan without the need for prior protein engineering. The process utilizes two highly efficient enzymes together with best-in-class metal-free click chemistry and results in ADCs with a significantly expanded therapeutic index. The superiority of this approach has been confirmed in head-to-head comparisons to both FDA-approved ADC products, as well as to ADCs that have been obtained using other mainstream site-specific conjugation approaches.

“The granting of this patent represents a key milestone in the evolution of our patent portfolio and highlights the strength of our technology,” said Floris van Delft, CSO of Synaffix. “This patent, together with our granted patent on copper-free click chemistry and the patent applications that cover HydraSpaceTM, will serve an important role for all future drugs developed using our glycan-based ADC technology.”