What makes our park special is the fact that we have the unique means and knowledge to support drug development activities. Our highly experienced staff possesses a wealth of extensive indepth knowledge. They provide support in a variety of areas, from maintenance and equipment of laboratories, autoclaving and washing glassware to handling complex gases, waste removal and environmental regulations.

Our services

We offer a very broad range of resources and services for companies involved in life sciences and the pharmaceutical research and development sector. Available services at Pivot Park are a.o.:

  • Building and site management
  • Waste collection
  • Security
  • EHS and Arbo services
  • Emergency Response Service (BHV)
  • Goods and mail deliveries
  • Cleaning
  • Meeting Centre
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee corners
  • Autoclaving and rinsing
  • Utilities (Demineralised water, Compressed air, Nitrogen (gas), Vacuum, CO2)
  • Liquid nitrogen

Specific lab services

  • Central Cell line storage
  • Cryobank (for your own cell line storage)
  • Hydrogenation lab
  • Quarantine Lab

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