On the first of November the Topsector cross-over Event took place at Pivot Park. About 70 people met and learned during this morning about how the Dutch government simulates and supports chemistry and life sciences & health related SME’s via their Topsector activities.

The chairmen of Topsectors Chemistry and Life Sciences & Health showed some specific examples and how they aim to facilitate SME’s in bringing their ideas further. NTRC and Pivot Park Screening Centre, both based at Pivot Park, presented how the chemistry and life sciences cross-over is present in their daily work and studies and provided the ‘external’ visitors a peak into the daily activities at Pivot Park. The event ended by handing over a statue, confirming Pivot Parks COCi-status.

Presentation Jan Raaijmakers (Topsector Life Sciences & Health)

Presentation Gerard van Harten (Topsector Chemistry)