Aging and changing lifestyles are driving a rapid increase in the chronic disease burden around the world. Regenerative medicine (RM) can make a powerful contribution to addressing this health challenge. By triggering and instructing the healing powers of our own bodies, RM has the potential to restore diseased tissue and organs. Through intensive cooperation between university medical centers, science parks and financing opportunities much more impact can be created for patients and for business.

RegMed XB (regenerative medicine crossing borders) aims to become an internationally leading research institute in RM that bundles the forces of the strong institutes in the region Utrecht-Eindhoven-Maastricht-Leiden-Leuven. Osteo-Pharma, a Pivot Park based company developing novel medication and medical devices for orthopedic and dental applications for the local treatment of bone fractures and bone defects, is one of the participants in Regmed XB and will take part in the five-year project focusing on taking steps towards a bioengineered joint.

Knee osteoarthritis affects 250 million people worldwide. It involves the degeneration of knee joint cartilage and the underlying bone. Patients can experience severe pain accompanied by a decreased range of motion and reduced mobility. Osteoarthritis has no cure, so treatment involves reducing and managing pain, or surgical interventions such as a total joint replacement. Regenerative medicine can offer a new treatment, for example through a bioengineered joint replacement. The RegMed XB partners are coming together to take the first steps towards a bioengineered joint as a treatment and possible cure for osteoarthritis of the knee. Osteo-Pharma will apply its ultrasonic-spray coating technology in the current RegMed XB consortium project to improve the osseo-integration of a bioengineered osteochondral implants.

RegMed XB will be launched during an event on Thursday March 30, 2017 at the LUMC in Leiden. Osteo-Pharma will be one of the presenters during this event.