NTRC launches the first High-throughput Screening Assay for Arginase-1 inhibitors at ENA2018. Arginase-1 (Arg-1) is an important drug target for cancer immunotherapy. Expression of Arg-1 by tumour-infiltrating myeloid derived suppressor cells induces local L-arginine depletion, which results in reduced T-cell and natural killer cell proliferation.

Despite increased insight in the role of Arg-1 in tumour immune suppression, there is still a limited number of Arg-1 inhibiting chemotypes available. To identify novel inhibitors, a new high-throughput screening (HTS) assay was developed by NTRC. The assay will be launched as Arginase Gold™ at the EORTC-AACR-NCI symposium, November 13-18, in Dublin.

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