With a growth of 57% in employment between 2014 and 2018, Pivot Park is one of the fastest growing campuses in the Netherlands. This became evident from a recently published report by Buck Consultants International. The researchers conclude that things are going well with the campuses in the Netherlands. They are a popular location and a driving force for new business, which is reflected in Pivot Park’s growth figures.

The number of employees at the park has increased from 350 to 550 in the period 2014-2018, an employment growth of 57%. The average total growth of the number of jobs on campuses in the Netherlands is 22%. “The strong growth at Pivot Park can be appointed to the arrival of new companies and the various start-ups that have grown into scale-ups, partly thanks to our tailor-made facilities and infrastructure. For example, former start-up ChemConnection, founded in 2012, now employs 70 employees. They are currently the largest employer at the park, “says Brigitte Drees, CEO of the Pivot Park.

The report also concludes that campuses are a popular location for companies and have a so-called magnet effect. “The companies that are located here focus on pharmaceutical research and development, drug development. Partly thanks to this strong focus and the successful community, both start-ups and existing companies from this sector know where to find us. The arrival of these new companies strengthens Pivot Park’s ecosystem and thus also further increases our appeal, “says Drees. At the moment, 56 companies are located at the Pivot Park. In 2014, there were 38.

In addition to the growth figures, the report also provides eight recommendations for further strengthening and growth of Dutch campuses. “These recommendations provide all parties involved with concrete tools to get started. Collaboration and knowledge exchange is crucial in this and will therefore more than ever be one of our points of focus.”