Oss, Sept. 27, 2021 – Osteo-Pharma, a Dutch Life Sciences company committed to developing novel medical devices and pharmaceutical products to improve local bone healing, today announced a strategic research collaboration with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (“CUHK”) to advance OsteoActivator coated membranes into various fracture healing models complementary to Osteo-Pharma’s current dental OsteoActivator membrane. This collaboration provides Osteo-Pharma with the potential to expand its development portfolio into the orthopedic arena and to have an impact on the life of osteoporotic individuals experiencing complex and difficult to heal fractures.

Under the collaboration, Osteo-Pharma will provide CUHK scientists with OsteoActivator coated membranes that will be tested in osteoporotic fracture healing animal models with the aim to improve time-to-healing. It is anticipated that the data from the CUHK collaborative study will provide the basis and rationale to initiate a human fracture healing clinical trial.

About Osteo-Pharma
Osteo-Pharma is a clinical-stage Life Sciences company developing novel medical devices and pharmaceuticals to improve the local healing of bone defects and fractures. Its proprietary OsteoActivator platform is currently used to develop products for both dental and orthopedic applications. The company has recently announced its MREC approval for the initiation of a clinical trial for their lead product, OsteoActivator-P, in patients.