NTRC has launched an expansion of its Oncolines™ cancer cell line panel, from 66 to 102 cell lines. Oncolines™ are proliferation assays on a panel of genetically well-characterized cancer cell lines from diverse tumour tissue origin. NTRC has a commercial license from the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC). Oncolines™ profiling includes genomic biomarker analysis and comparative profiling against a library of more than 150 pre-profiled anti-cancer agents. In recent publications from NTRC in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics [1] and from the University of Basel (Switzerland) in Nature Communications [2] the reproducibility of Oncolines™ cell panel profiling and its application in mechanism-of-action studies has been demonstrated. Bayer Pharma A.G. (Berlin, Germany) recently presented Oncolines™ results at the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) conference in Washington D.C. (USA) [3]. The Oncolines™ biomarker analysis can be extended with gene expression analysis through GeneNominator™.

Characteristics Oncolines™:

  • Readout ATPlite™
  • Low passage number and ATCC recommended culturing conditions
  • No IC50 extrapolation
  • 384-well, automated liquid handling
  • Manual inspection of curves

Recent publications with Oncolines™ and OncolinesProfiler™ results:

[1] Uitdehaag et al. (2016) Cell panel profiling reveals conserved therapeutic clusters and differentiates the mechanism of action of different PI3K/mTOR, Aurora kinase and EZH2 inhibitors. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 15, 3097-3109

[2] Bohnacker et al. (2017) Deconvolution of Buparlisib’s mechanism of action defines specific PI3K and tubulin inhibitors for therapeutic intervention. Nature Communications 8:14683

[3] Politz et al. (2017) Preclinical activity of the FGFR inhibitor rogaratinib (BAY 1163877) alone or in combination with antihormonal therapy in breast cancer. AACR Annual Conference Abstract 1079.

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