News 09.04.19

New at Pivot Park – Absano

AbSano develops novel antibodies for innovative diagnostic tools as well as therapeutic purposes. “Our current projects involve the identification and...

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News 08.04.19

BioConnection invests in expansion of its current production capacity with a second production line

BioConnection will invest €12 million in a second, commercial scale, manufacturing line to keep up with the growing customer demand...

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News 05.04.19

A cup of coffee with….Lonneke Meijerink (Pivot Park)

Since March Lonneke started working at the Pivot Park Site Organisation as financial accountant. “After studying Business Economics at Tilburg...

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News 01.04.19

Phio and Glycostem to Collaborate on Use of its sd-rxRNA® platform and Glycostem’s oNKord® Cell Therapy Products for the Next Generation of Natural Killer Cell-based Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment

Phio Pharmaceuticals Corp. (NASDAQ: PHIO) announced today that it has entered into a research collaboration with Glycostem Therapeutics BV to explore the potential synergies of using Phio's self-delivering RNAi technology (sd-rxRNA®) in combination with Glycostem's proprietary Natural Killer-cell (NK-cell) generation technology (oNKord®) to develop cellular immunotherapies for cancer treatment with enhanced efficacy and/or safety.

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News 29.03.19

Pharming announces a provisional commitment to invest in a minority stake in its fill & finish partner BioConnection BV

Pharming Group N.V. announces that it has made a provisional commitment to invest up to €1.6 million in cash and...

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News 28.03.19

NTRC and Radboud explore new methods to predict chemotherapy response in ovarian cancer

NTRC and Radboudumc Nijmegen (The Netherlands) are developing a platform to predict the response of high-grade serous ovarian cancer patients to chemotherapy by using tumor and immune cells isolated at diagnosis. While patients receive normal standard-of-care treatment, data are collected to improve future diagnostics and care.

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News 25.03.19

Lead Pharma Announces Start of Phase I Clinical Trials with SAR441169 Candidate Treatment for Psoriasis

Sanofi, Lead Pharma’s collaborative partner in the development of SAR441169, successfully initiated first human dosing with this novel RORγt Inverse Agonist...

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News 20.03.19

Effective discovery of synergistic combinations by in silico prioritization

uccessful cancer therapies are often based on drug combinations to halt cancer growth and prevent resistance mechanisms. A good way to find novel, unexpected synergistic drug combinations is unbiased high throughput screening on cancer cell lines, such as the NTRC SynergyScreen™ platform.

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News 14.03.19

BioConnection further strengthens its position in the (bio) pharmaceutical CMO business by adding a Flexible GMP area to its current capabilities.

BioConnection opens this month, after an intensive engineering and validation program its Flexible GMP area. The area consists of several...

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