NanoServe has opened the doors of its office and laboratory at Pivot Park. The French Biotech company, with also an office in Lille, is specialised in the field of sustainable nanotechnology.

“Face to the concerns about the toxicity of nano particles and nanomaterials we have developed a new synthetic approach based on the concept of “safe-by-design” to prevent bioaccumulation of nano particles and thus their inherent toxicity, which represents a major innovation in the field of nano particle technology” tells Amina Tijani, CEO of NanoServe. “For our commercial development we collaborate with different industrial partners in the sectors of cosmetics, agricultures, agrofoods and textiles. But we also aim to create in-house projects for building our own pipeline of exclusive pharmaceutical products.”

The most advanced project concerns the product SUBL’IN: the first sublingual treatment for insulino-dependent Diabetes. “We believe that Pivot Park is a unique campus that stimulates new ideas, partnerships in the Life Sciences community and offers at the same time challenging contacts and network opportunities which will certainly help the growth of NanoServe and the development of its business with the right partners, that why we’ve chosen to open a subsidiary of NanoServe at Pivot park”.