Chardon Pharma BV is the incubator of the Chardon Group BV. Chardon Pharma recently moved into their laboratory in Pivot Park’s Chesbrough Building.

“In the incubator, new scientific concepts are explored and tested. Once a concept is proved valid, a new business is set up to further develop the project or product,” tells Ard Peeters, CEO and founder of the Chardon Group and Chardon Pharma. Chardon Pharma has initiated four businesses:

  • E-Assyst BV., a company that develops soft- and hard-ware solutions to treat and prevent addictions (gambling, drugs, alcohol).
  • Digest-Inn BV., a gaming company that develops applied games for the treatment of obesity.
  • Orexa BV., a drug company focussing on the clinical development of a new indication for a generic compound in the hospital setting.
  • Hairstressor BV., a service company that analyses stress hormone levels in hair from humans and animals.

“Currently we focus on oncology work in zebrafish (Danio rerio) larvae. Labelled human tumour cells are injected in the larvae and are allowed to grow and metastasize. These larvae can then be used as screening tool for novel and / or personalized therapy.”