ATRO Medical is focusing their R&D activities on the meniscus prothesis Trammpolin™. This implant is a synthetic, non‐resorbable total meniscus implant for patient with meniscus damage in the past and severe wear of the meniscus.

“We are happy to settle at Pivot Park in Oss because it is located very centrally between Nijmegen and Eindhoven where our collaborative hospitals/ research partners are based,” tells Jan Hunik, CEO of Atro Medical. “Our industrial partner DSM is located in Limburg, making direct visits easy.” Atro Medical has received BOM funding for further development of their implant. “We expect to start with the first clinical studies in 2018.”

ATRO Medical raised funds to be used for further development of their polymer based meniscus implant. The funding syndicat, lead by Thuja Capital Healthcare (Seed) Fund II, consists of the Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij, DSM Venturing, Cascara Ventures and Radboud universitair medisch centrum. The investments make it possible for ATRO Medical to start the treatment of the first patients in 2018 and to finish the clinical trials with these first patient group in 2019.

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