Jaleesa Bresseleers is one of the 15 PhD-students that participates in NANOMED, a European Union funded collaboration between universities and companies active in the field of nanomedicines. Jaleesa is promoting at Eindhoven University of Technology and started working at ChemConnection 3 months ago. “You can see me as the link between universities and companies. I am looking at the possibilities for upscaling the production of a potential nanomedicine. I take over promising projects with the objective of bringing fundamental research into a next phase. For example by simplifying routes for synthesis.” NANOMED will train a new generation of multi-disciplinary nanotechnology experts capable of supporting and managing the effective translation of molecular innovations into clinically applicable therapeutic solutions.

“At this moment I work on a study performed by Utrecht University on the use of π – π stacking stabilized polymeric micelles for the treatment of tumors. Researchers concluded that these micelles are promising carriers to improve the delivery of highly hydrophobic drugs to tumors and to increase their therapeutic index,” tells Bresseleers. “I am planning to look the upcoming 10 months at optimizing synthesis, stable micelle formation and drug encapsulation efficiency. After completion of this project I will start with a new promising nano-study.” A total of 6 Universities are involved in this project, all with a different expertise in the field of nanomedicines. Jaleesa her promotor is Professor Jan van Hest (Eindhoven University of Technology). He is specialized in Bio-Organic Chemistry with particular focus on protein and peptide based materials, polymers and polymersomes and nanoreactors.

At this moment 15 PhD’s are part of the NANOMED project. “What I really like about the project is that it’s very educational to be in contact with PhD s coming from universities with different specialisations and that each PhD has to do internships at the involved partner organisations. This way we become familiar with all the different aspects in nanomedicine field.”

The partners of NANOMED are: Eindhoven University of Technology, Utrecht University, Gent University, Imperial College London, University of Helsinki, Université de Bordeaux and ChemConnection.

The involved partner organisations are: PolyVation, Synthon, OZ Biosciences, Retina International and Enceladus.