Sterk Schakelen is now a member of the Pivot Park Community. “We focus on developing an effective web presence, as well as collateral communications for our clients in life sciences,” explains Sterk Schakelen CEO Nienke Oldenburg, formerly a biochemist at Organon (Teknika), now a marketer, project manager and a web communications specialist.

“On our client’s behalf, we communicate in the language of their industry and in the language of their clients. Extensive experience in the industries of life science, healthcare and pharma enable us to effectively convey the client’s message and reach out to their own prospective clients, investors and partner companies.” Nienke adds, “The most complex of topics are explained in text and terms professionally delivered and easily grasped by those inside and outside the industry. We understand the challenges and goals of effective communications, while building a growing enterprise.”

Messaging and Link Building

Your innovations, accomplishments and goals are presented in clear and concise language, conceived to appeal to both customers, investors and media.
Foremost among the tools we provide is an effective, high ranking website, projecting a positive, professional business image while targeting and reaching out to stakeholders. The goal is to 100% ensure that your target audience understands and appreciates what your product and your company can do for them.

In short, we are here to sell your product, convey your concept and project an image advancing your company and establishing you as an innovative entrepreneur.

Just Some of What We Do

  • Website development
  • Graphic Design
  • PR & communication: business cards, product leaflets, etc.
  • Content marketing, SEO
  • Product launches
  • Presentations (PowerPoint) & events
  • Photo & video
  • Copywriting in Dutch, English, German and most other language