PharmaCytics offers a drug delivery solution, based on an advanced prodrug approach. The technology exploits intestinal transporter proteins as carriers for drug conjugates in which a transporter substrate is linked to a drug moiety. The drug conjugates are recognized and transported by specific nutrient transporter proteins that are abundantly present in the gut membrane. The transporter substrate is designed such that it can be cleaved off by metabolic enzymes, naturally present in the intestinal wall, the liver or the blood, releasing the active drug.

Pivot Park

“Pivot Park offers us a community where other pharmaceutical companies, also active in R&D, are present. Furthermore relevant CRO’s offer their services in e.g. the area of scaling up and regulatory affairs. We also see that some of these R&D companies could become our customers,” tells Han van ‘t Klooster, CEO of PharmaCytics.

“We’re very happy to welcome PharmaCytics to Pivot Park. PharmaCytics perfectly fits into our community consisting of people who are all working on pharmaceutical innovation. This will benefit them in ways like access to specialised equipment and knowledge. Together with our specific pharma R&D infrastructure we will facilitate PharmaCytics the best way we can in accelerating their business,” tells Rob Prins, chairman of Pivot Park’s board.

Application in all stages

“Our technology deals with multiple issues associated with bioavailability of drugs at the same time, as opposed to many currently existing techniques that often focus on solubility only. The application of our technology is not limited to a specific indication; it can be applied broadly and mainly depends on the chemical structure of the compound. Within PharmaCytics there is ample experience in this specific area,” tells Han van ‘t Klooster, CEO of PharmaCytics.

The technology can be applied in all stages of the Drug Development life cycle:

For marketed products it extents or renews the patent position and/or it can be used to reposition the drug
The latter also emphasizes the importance of this technology for the generic market
Revival of New Chemical Entities (NCE) that were put on hold in the R&D process
In the development phase it can be used to improve the formulation
PharmaCytics believes that this potentially means that current revenues can be protected or even expanded and in case of NCE’s future revenues could be generated sooner.


The CEO Han van ‘t Klooster has built up broad experience in international marketing and general management at Zeneca, Chiron and Pharmion. In addition he has set up several companies and infrastructures in Europe.

The CSO is Dr. Gerrit Veeneman. During his career within MSD and its predecessors Schering-Plough and Organon, he worked on various projects within different therapeutic areas both in Lead Discovery and Lead Optimization and with various responsibilities. In addition he wrote around 20 patents and is (co)author of around 120 publications.


PharmaCytics is happy to discuss possibilities to use our expertise for your marketed, research or development products to improve on a bioavailability issue. Please contact us at or