NanoSERVE BV announces the launch of its spinout company SUBLIN BV, which aims to provide diabetic patients a disruptive alternative to their cumbersome insulin injections by developing orally-available insulin formulations. The strength of NanoSERVE’s proprietary technology is its tuneable, stable and safe-by-design formulation possibility. As such, SUBLIN is already testing compounds in vivo and early findings in large hyperglycemic animals showed blood glucose lowering upon buccal application with a clear dose-response relationship and very promising bioavailability.

The next step is to optimize the formulation to ensure optimal absorption, stability and safety. SUBLIN is expected to move forward towards clinical testing within five years. The decision to found SUBLIN at Pivot Park depended largely on the presence of NanoSERVE and the excellent facilities and strong pharmaceutical community at the site. The fact that the former Organon site formed the cradle for insulin-based therapies almost one hundred years ago, is inspiring to pursue SUBLIN’s quest to develop the ultimate vehicle for insulin delivery.