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Whether you are a biopharma start-up, scale-up or mature business, we have the perfect accommodation in an inspiring community to take your company to the next level. From fully equipped labs to cool offices and fun shared spaces.


Jan 29 2023 – Jun 25 2023

She developed bullet-resistant human skin and turns cow dung into textiles. From her artistry, Jalila Essaïdi (1980) constantly crosses borders into other disciplines and dedicates herself to a better, more beautiful world. Together with Museum Jan Cunen, she is creating the exhibition: How Bio Art Colors the Future, in which both her own work and that of other current (bio)artists can be seen. In doing so, the museum ties in with the #100yearspharmafuture theme, which celebrates the centennial of the pharmaceutical industry in Oss.

Mar 08 2023 – Jul 31 2023

To celebrate Organon’s 100th anniversary in 2023, a temporary visitors’ center will be set up in the former Girls’ School starting March 8th. You can experience the company’s rich history there, as well as learn about the Organon of today and the future. Women and girls take center stage, because of the focus on their well-being. The personal stories through the years show innovation, collaboration and impact on their health.

Jun 01 2023

Experienced personnel in Life Sciences: distinctive ingredients for successful recruitment.

We see an ongoing trend in the growing need for technical and scientific leadership talent, as well as candidates for roles in areas such as Business Development, Medical, and HR Business Partners. In this Lunch & Learn session, Pedersen & Partners will share their insights on attracting experienced personnel in the Life Science sector. This session will delve into trends and challenges related to Diversity & Inclusion and attracting female talent. It will also cover how to generate interest in the Oss Pharma cluster and ensure successful onboarding when attracting international talent. Alternatively, how can you make your organization more culturally agile?

Jun 04 – 09 2023

The BIO Convention attracts over 14,000 visitors each year, making it the largest and best-known biotech trade fair in the world. This year the trade mission will take place from June 4th till June 9th in Boston.The program contains joint, general, and more specific topics, for example, drug development, ATMPs, platform technology and diagnostics. Participation is open to Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and other organisations who are active in Life Sciences – and biotech in particular – and who are interested in the United States and Boston.

Jun 28 2023

Join us for the upcoming TOPX Network Meeting in Oss on 28 June, co-hosted by TOPX and Pivot Park! Hear inspiring career stories, personal challenges, and ‘aha moments’ from women who have achieved breakthroughs in their lives and professional journeys. Expand your network, find inspiration, and broaden your horizons. Register for the event here. Attendance […]

Jul 03 – 07 2023

The course will be organized jointly by Radboud University (Nijmegen), Pivot Park Life Science campus (Oss) and HAN University of Applied Sciences (Nijmegen), covering the most important aspects of modern drug discovery. The content of the lectures are designed by academic and industry experts in the field of early drug discovery and the course is a combination of lectures, seminars, group assignments and visits to companies active in pharmaceutical R&D located on Pivot Park Life Science Campus.

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What you missed...

May 25 2023

Development of new medicines is a lengthy and laborious process which can take more than 10 years and can cost more than 2,5 billion dollars. If you are lucky… This From Molecule to Business 2023 event will dive into new approaches to speed up the process of bringing new pharmaceuticals to the market.

May 10 – 12 2023

The Venture Challenge is the award winning program of Lifesciences @ work to support startup in Life Sciences. It consists of two 3-day workshops with weekly coaching in between and a final pitch event in front of the entire Life Sciences investment community.

May 09 2023

Why do companies need intellectual property and how can it be utilized to create profit.

Patents and trademarks are both forms of intellectual property protection that can be used to help a business make a profit. Patents protect inventions and provide their owners with exclusive rights to make, use, and sell the invention. Trademark rights protect names and logos and provide their owners with an instrument to build brand recognition and customer loyalty. There are multiple ways to exploit these exclusive rights to increase profits. At this Arnold & Siedsma masterclass participants can find out how their company can benefit from intellectual property.

Apr 06 2023

On 6 April 2023 at WTC Rotterdam, the 10th edition of the leading conference for key players in Health & Life Sciences, Innovation for Health, will take place. The theme for this next edition will be Digital Transformation in Healthcare. At Innovation for Health 2023, you get to share insights, catch up on the latest trends, establish new or build upon valuable connections and collaborations, and much more. With our energizing programme, we bring top-notch speakers to the stage, display high-impact innovations, highlight best practices, and demonstrate inspiring developments in healthcare.

Mar 30 2023

The Health Valley Event (HVE) on March 30th 2023 in Pathé Nijmegen is the leading healthcare innovation event in the Netherlands and also the meeting place for everyone involved in innovations, business and science in the Life Sciences & Health sector. In recent years, the event has attracted around a thousand visitors each year, live on location, online or in a hybrid format.

Mar 30 2023

Despite significant advances made in the treatment of cancer through the past decades, many new therapeutic entities fail in the clinical research phase. To accelerate your drug development process and improve patient treatment, the identification of relevant biomarkers is of key importance. Among the different types of biomarkers, predictive drug response biomarkers allow for definition of the target patient population, whereas pharmacodynamic biomarkers can aid in monitoring of drug target engagement.

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Pivot Park Captains' Dinner

10 years ago, Pivot Park opened its doors to the world. Thanks to your commitment, support and confidence, we have been able to grow it into the successful and innovative biopharmaceutical campus it is today.

Now it’s time to celebrate!

We are therefore delighted to invite you – along with all your fellow CEOs at Pivot Park – to a special night out featuring inspiring art, a wonderful dinner and lots of opportunities to network and exchange ideas.

Erwin Wurm | Am I a House?

For the first time, the artist shows a cross-section of his work, from Narrow Furniture to One Minute Sculptures, within the walls of a historic building. Villa Constance, a former home that today houses Museum Jan Cunen, is not only a location but also part of the conversation. Because what exactly is a house?


The development of medicines in Oss began one hundred years ago. It was then that the foundations were laid for what would become a flourishing pharmaceutical sector in the Netherlands, leading to groundbreaking discoveries such as insulin and the anti-conception pill.

Today, the entire chain is still represented in Oss, from early-stage research to the commercial scale production of medicines. Working in Oss, we focus on the health of people all over the world. Employees at dozens of companies large and small put their heart and soul into new medicines, products and services that will improve lives worldwide. Together, our strength lies in our combination of broad knowledge about the development of medicines and a thorough understanding of the requirements of high-quality production.

This shared past and common values stimulate strong bonds among everyone who works in pharmaceuticals in Oss. We build on qualities, expertise and networks that go back decades. And with a wide variety of pharmaceutical companies, suppliers and scientific institutions all located nearby, we offer an attractive business climate and an excellent basis for international collaboration.

We are proud to work together to create a better and healthier future for all, a collaboration that in turn fuels growing employment: today, most pharmaceutical jobs in the Netherlands are in Oss. Here we connect talent and companies and stimulate entrepreneurship, while our expert employees are our most important asset. Their drive ensures that Oss has an influence on health all over the world.

Pharma in Oss offers endless opportunities to startups and talent in a city and region that is a joy to live and work in. We are committed to collaboration and sustainable and successful entrepreneurship. Oss’s pharmaceutical companies are intrinsically competitive while also being committed to quality and safety. This, plus their focus on new health solutions and contemporary technology, makes us a leader in our pursuit of a better life for people worldwide.