Derks & Derks is an HR specialist in Life Sciences for over twenty years now, a sector that is more dynamic than ever: innovations follow each other at a rapid pace to create real value for patients and clients in sub-sectors such as Pharma, Medical Devices, Biotech, and Food. Technology, research, and digitization have an indispensable influence, but human talent will always remain the central success factor. Derks & Derks offers a ‘full package’ service of Recruitment & Development Solutions, to make the best possible contribution to the success of your team. You can also contact us for specific HR issues within each phase of your biotech company, from start-up / scale-up to commercial production. We offer tailor-made HR solutions for every organization.


Personal attention and listening
At Derks & Derks we create the right match between clients and candidates every day. Personal attention and listening, that’s what we excel at. This creates trust and connection.
We always have a psychological interview, we use the latest online tools, such as game-based assessments, but also practical simulations, capacity tests, or personality questionnaires. We can also help to analyze or developing your team. Feedback, sound advice, and/or a practically applicable report is always part of our services. You want your people to be and to remain motivated and to develop themselves. Hiring people who fit in with the company and the team is very important.

And that’s exactly the added value of Derks & Derks. After all, we are the only HR Specialist within Life Sciences who can support you with all your HR issues. We discuss your HR needs and will find a solution for your situation. We can take care of the entire process, but also parts of it. Whether it concerns a personnel issue, development issue, setting up a salary scale or the entire recruitment & selection process. Our expertise lies within Recruitment & Selection, Secondment & Interim, Talent Development, Executive Education, and HR Research. Our team of experts consists of experienced professionals, Recruitment Consultants, and psychologists with thorough knowledge of your market.

Worldwide Network
Derks & Derks is the initiator of INRALS, a global network of recruitment & selection agencies specialized in Life Sciences with top quality services and strong track records.

Within INRALS we exchange professional knowledge and experience and have direct access to an international network of colleagues and candidates. INRALS: local knowledge, global reach!

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