DIANT Pharma Inc. (DIANT), a startup company that provides a turnkey solution for continuous manufacturing of nanoparticles, has the exclusive right to integrate the NanoFlowSizer into the DIANT system, providing a major advantage to DIANT customers. The DIANT system has multiple flow options, up to 100 LPM, and has multiple add-on modules with integrated process analytical technology operating as a single, closed-system.

The combined efforts of both companies working, in tandem, are confident they offer the best in industry technology for pharmaceutical manufacturing. DIANT Pharma’s continuous manufacturing system combined with InProcess-LSP’s NanoFlowSizer technology opens doors wide for real-time process control resulting in lower cost, increased speed and lower footprint manufacturing of drug and drug delivery systems. Through intense collaboration between both companies, the first integrated system was delivered successfully with more to come.

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