Innatoss Laboratories, a Dutch SME specialized in diagnostics of infectious diseases, and MediSapiens, a leading developer and provider of genomic, biomedical and health data solutions, have partnered to develop a novel Lyme borreliosis (LB) diagnostic interpretation and communication solution. The development is supported by the PERMIDES (Personalised Medicine Innovation through Digital Enterprise Solutions) project, funded by the European Union.

The partnership aims at developing a novel solution for analyzing and reporting LB diagnostics results in a convenient and readily comprehensible manner. The diagnostics of LB is complex, and often requires multiple different parallel and subsequent tests. Untreated LB can lead to serious health problems. Communicating the results in an easily understandable and actionable manner is pivotal for timely clinical decision-making.

“For the interpretation of Lyme test results, it is essential to combine the results of multiple tests from different manufacturers. A comparison with previous tests is often essential”, says Anja Garritsen, CEO of Innatoss. “With the support of PERMIDES, we will create a database that facilitates the analysis and presentation of multiple test results in a user-friendly manner. Innatoss sees such a personalized Lyme dossier as a sound basis to support treatment decisions.”

“We should be paying much more attention to how information that affects clinical decision making is conveyed”, says Marko Kuisma, CCO of MediSapiens. “The work we are doing with Innatoss is highly important. We are glad to have the opportunity to work with a leading European LB diagnostics provider, and look forward to bringing new innovations to clinical practice.”