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Sep 26 2023

Padel challenge


Pivot Park’s Padel games: move up, move down challenge! 
Get ready to embrace the exhilarating world of Padel at the stunning Berghem location. Pivot Park invites you to join us for a thrilling Padel game that’s all about the ‘Move Up, Move Down’ challenge. Whether you’re an experienced pro or an intrigued newcomer, this event guarantees an unforgettable afternoon of excitement. 
What’s in store: 
  • Gain insights from a Padel trainer with a brief introduction to the rules and the challenge. 
  • A guided move up, move down challenge, elevating your gameplay. 
  • A change to explore the vibrant Pivot Park community and make new connections. 
  • Collaborate with your colleagues and fellow community members for a united experience.  
How does the challenge work?

You can either participate individually or team up with up to four players, including your colleagues or community peers. Each team competes with two players at a time against a pair from another team. Win a set, and progress up a court; lose, and gracefully move down. It’s that simple!

Get active with a fresh look from Pivot Park 

As a token of our appreciation for your active participation, Pivot Park is thrilled to offer complimentary sports shirts to all attendees who take part in the sports activities during Pivot Park’s Vitality Week. These shirts are designed to equip you in style for conquering every activity. You can provide your shirt size while registering, and once the shirts are ready, the Pivot Park communications team will get in touch with you.  

Secure your spot today!
Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your Padel skills. Limited spots are available.  




Other Organizers

Pivot Park


16:00 - 18:30

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Pivot Park Captains' Dinner

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Now it’s time to celebrate!

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The development of medicines in Oss began one hundred years ago. It was then that the foundations were laid for what would become a flourishing pharmaceutical sector in the Netherlands, leading to groundbreaking discoveries such as insulin and the anti-conception pill.

Today, the entire chain is still represented in Oss, from early-stage research to the commercial scale production of medicines. Working in Oss, we focus on the health of people all over the world. Employees at dozens of companies large and small put their heart and soul into new medicines, products and services that will improve lives worldwide. Together, our strength lies in our combination of broad knowledge about the development of medicines and a thorough understanding of the requirements of high-quality production.

This shared past and common values stimulate strong bonds among everyone who works in pharmaceuticals in Oss. We build on qualities, expertise and networks that go back decades. And with a wide variety of pharmaceutical companies, suppliers and scientific institutions all located nearby, we offer an attractive business climate and an excellent basis for international collaboration.

We are proud to work together to create a better and healthier future for all, a collaboration that in turn fuels growing employment: today, most pharmaceutical jobs in the Netherlands are in Oss. Here we connect talent and companies and stimulate entrepreneurship, while our expert employees are our most important asset. Their drive ensures that Oss has an influence on health all over the world.

Pharma in Oss offers endless opportunities to startups and talent in a city and region that is a joy to live and work in. We are committed to collaboration and sustainable and successful entrepreneurship. Oss’s pharmaceutical companies are intrinsically competitive while also being committed to quality and safety. This, plus their focus on new health solutions and contemporary technology, makes us a leader in our pursuit of a better life for people worldwide.