Date: 23.04.19 - 23.04.19

Bruker Daltonics invites you to join the Kick-off of our European Seminar Tour; Fast track to information: MALDI-TOF solutions

From 1985 to the present, MALDI has evolved into a powerful, highly versatile technology. The range of its application is nothing short of astounding. MALDI coupled to time-of-flight mass spectrometry is used to sequence proteins, map biomolecules in tissues, identify microorganisms, and analyze several thousand biochemical assays in a day.

Dive into the possibilities MALDI hands you and discuss with our experts during our Lunch & Learn Seminar Tour.


 12:30h                –                      Welcome & Lunch

13:15h                  –                      Simple, fast & versatile: MALDI-TOF – an overview of today’s applications

13:40h                  –                      Fast and complete characterization & QC of proteins and biopharmaceutical compounds

14:10h                  –                      Solving current challenges in polymer analysis with MALDI

14:40h                  –                      Coffee Break and snacks

15:10h                  –                      TLC-MALDI, MALDI imaging & MALDI-TOF based high-throughput screening

15:40h                  –                      Open discussion

16:30h                  –              Close

Location:            Pivot Park, Chesbrough-gebouw, Zaal 1
Kloosterstraat 9 – 5349 AB Oss – the Netherlands

Date:                    23 April 2019     

Dr. Jens Fucher                 –             
Global Product Manager MALDI TOF
Dr. Arndt Asperger          –              Application Team Lead MALDI TOF