News 14.12.18

Chemist Freek van Cauter: ‘We make molecules here’

At NTRC, chemists and biologists work closely together to develop new drugs, particularly against cancer and Parkinson's disease. Chemist Freek van Cauter gives us a look behind the scenes.

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News 13.12.18

A cup of coffee with … Roxana Nicolae

This is Roxana Nicolae, originally from Romania and now working for BioConnection at Pivot Park.

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News 09.09.18

Noviogel acts as a novel wounds dressing

Full-thickness dorsal skin wounds in mice were treated with Noviogel for 3 and 7 days.

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News 13.07.18

A cup of coffee with … Sander van Asbeck

“It is our mission to develop the next generation of (nano)medicines; low in side-effects and high in efficacy."

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News 01.06.18

A cup of coffee with … Kelly Knaapen-Arts

Arnold & Siedsma was one of the first companies that became part of the Pivot Park community in 2012.

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News 25.08.16

New generation of multi-disciplinary nanotechnology experts

NANOMED is a EU funded collaboration between universities and companies active in the field of nanomedicines.

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