News 14.10.19

Ongoing expansion of Acerta Pharma’s discovery and clinical operations in Oss

Acerta Pharma is one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies at Pivot Park. The discovery team has recently doubled in...

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News 04.07.19

“I liked academic work, but after my PhD I did not aspire to an academic career: I wanted to broaden my horizons.”

BioConnection, a spin-off of MSD/Organon, has undergone rapid development in recent years: from a consultant/broker without its own facilities to a production company that offers its Drug Product related services to medium-sized pharmaceutical players worldwide. The core business is the filling of medicines in various forms under GMP, mostly in vials and syringes. BioConnection works for customers at Pivot Park, but also globally for pharmaceutical companies in, amongst others, US, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Israel, , Korea and Taiwan.

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News 25.06.19

Glycostem’s mission to manufacture NK cells from cord blood stem cells and treat cancer patients could play a pivotal role in combating this deadly disease.

Glycostem develops innovative therapies for the treatment of different types of cancer: leukaemia, lymphoma and solid cancers. It is an off-the-shelf immune therapy, in which so-called Natural Killer Cells play an important role. John Veluchamy focuses on the development of affordable, highly effective, off-the-shelf therapy against tumours. His research into NK cells, derived from the umbilical cord, plays an important role in this. Veluchamy comes from India, studied Biomedical and Molecular Sciences at King’s College in London and obtained his PhD in NK cell immunotherapy from VU University Amsterdam in 2018. He has been working full time at Glycostem since December 2016. Veluchamy sees a major role for the Netherlands in the development of new medicines. The arrival of the European Medical Agency will consolidate this role.

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News 03.06.19

A cup of coffee with…Robin Voets (Acerta Pharma)

Robin started in 2017 as an intern at Acerta Pharma. "During my internship I synthesized a tool compound for the validation of the biology of the target we were working on at the time and for comparative studies with new compounds to determine in what way the compounds differentiate themselves."

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News 27.05.19

“Our models help develop smarter medication”

Certara Oss develops mathematical models and scenarios for the testing and use of medication for third parties, mainly pharmaceutical companies....

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News 13.05.19

A cup of coffee with … Debby Kruijsen (ModiQuest Research)

Debby Kruijsen began her career in antibody discovery in 2011 when she obtained a PhD in immunology at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, studying the role of antibodies in affecting antigen presentation and subsequent Respiratory Syncytial Virus specific T cell activation.

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News 07.05.19

We need to look for new ways to translate basic research into healthcare

Saman Honarnejad studied biotechnology in Germany and the United States. For several years he has been project manager at Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC). PPSC screens candidate drugs through automated processes, enabling very large number of parallel experimentation. Honarnejad is in charge of COILED drug discovery program at PPSC, a joint effort between various academic institutions and biotechnology companies that is stimulating the discovery of new drug candidates. He is an advocate of open innovation, enabling translation of new insights from basic research in industry

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News 23.04.19

Voucher gives rise to collaboration

Synaffix has developed a new technology for targeted anti-cancer therapy. Specifically, Synaffix has improved the therapeutic window of an antibody-drug...

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News 05.04.19

A cup of coffee with….Lonneke Meijerink (Pivot Park)

Since March Lonneke started working at the Pivot Park Site Organisation as financial accountant. “After studying Business Economics at Tilburg...

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