News 13.05.19

A cup of coffee with … Debby Kruijsen (ModiQuest Research)

Debby Kruijsen began her career in antibody discovery in 2011 when she obtained a PhD in immunology at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, studying the role of antibodies in affecting antigen presentation and subsequent Respiratory Syncytial Virus specific T cell activation.

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News 07.05.19

We need to look for new ways to translate basic research into healthcare

Saman Honarnejad studied biotechnology in Germany and the United States. For several years he has been project manager at Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC). PPSC screens candidate drugs through automated processes, enabling very large number of parallel experimentation. Honarnejad is in charge of COILED drug discovery program at PPSC, a joint effort between various academic institutions and biotechnology companies that is stimulating the discovery of new drug candidates. He is an advocate of open innovation, enabling translation of new insights from basic research in industry

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News 23.04.19

Voucher gives rise to collaboration

Synaffix has developed a new technology for targeted anti-cancer therapy. Specifically, Synaffix has improved the therapeutic window of an antibody-drug...

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News 05.04.19

A cup of coffee with….Lonneke Meijerink (Pivot Park)

Since March Lonneke started working at the Pivot Park Site Organisation as financial accountant. “After studying Business Economics at Tilburg...

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News 26.02.19

CEO Monique van Scherpenzeel – “I love to get my hands dirty in the lab”

Monique van Scherpenzeel (1981) exchanged the University for the Business world. In April 2018 she started her own company, GlycoMScan,...

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News 19.02.19

A cup of coffee with…. Inez de Greef (3D-PharmXchange)

Inez de Greef, co-owner and founder of 3D-PharmXchange, started the company together with Ronald van der Geest because they find the development of medicines a fascinating field of expertise. “And not only do we find the field interesting, we also find it just as motivating to be able to share our knowledge with our team and apply it to customers.”

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News 28.01.19

Scientist Silvie Meeuwissen: “My interest is mainly in the practical applications of chemistry”

Silvie Meeuwissen (1985) has been working as a Principal Scientist at ChemConnection B.V. since 2014. The company that was founded in 2012 by two former Organon employees is one of the few companies in Europe that focuses on commercialization of medical applications for nanotechnology.

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News 16.01.19

A cup of coffee with… Cindy Oppers

“PPSC crossed my path and I didn’t want to let this opportunity pass me by.” Recently Cindy Oppers started as...

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News 14.12.18

Chemist Freek van Cauter: ‘We make molecules here’

At NTRC, chemists and biologists work closely together to develop new drugs, particularly against cancer and Parkinson's disease. Chemist Freek van Cauter gives us a look behind the scenes.

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