News 31.05.17

Pluriomics BV partners with Pivot Park Screening Centre

Pluriomics partners with Pivot Park Screening Centre for Cardiovascular drug discovery services.

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News 03.04.17

Lead Pharma Achieves Second Milestone for Development of Autoimmune Diseases Treatments in Sanofi Collaboration

Lead Pharma announced that it has achieved a second milestone under its research collaboration with Sanofi.

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News 29.03.17

Enterprise System Partners and TraceLink Form Strategic Alliance

Enterprise System Partners announced it has established a strategic partnership with TraceLink.

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News 06.03.17

Regenerative medicine crossing borders

Osteo-Pharma will take part in the five-year project focusing on taking steps towards a bioengineered joint.

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News 20.10.16

Synaffix Enters into a Commercial License Agreement with ADC Therapeutics

Synaffix BV announced today it has entered into a Commercial License Agreement with ADC Therapeutics for its proprietary GlycoConnect™ and HydraSpace™ site-specific antibody-drug conjugate technologies.

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News 07.04.16

Oncodrugs – Samen op zoek naar nieuwe geneesmiddelen

Doel van het project Oncodrugs is om gezamenlijk kansrijke werkzame stoffen te vinden die vervolgens ontwikkeld kunnen worden tot oncologische geneesmiddelen.

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News 17.12.15

AstraZeneca enhances long-term growth through Oncology investment in Acerta Pharma

AstraZeneca today announced that it has entered into an agreement to invest in Acerta Pharma.

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News 10.12.15

NTRC has identified IDO1 inhibitors with best-in-class properties

NTRC today announced that they have identified a series of IDO1 inhibitors with best-in-class properties by screening at the European Lead Factory.

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News 07.12.15

NTRC and Vipergen receive Eurostars support for cancer immunotherapy research

NTRC and Vipergen ApS announced that they have received support for their research on the identification of novel drug candidates for cancer immunotherapy.

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