We believe in connecting the right people to the right knowledge. Therefore, we organize the Funding Event on November 15th. During this event, we look from different angles to the funding question for starting and growing biopharma companies. Which success factors are mentioned from the entrepreneurs who already attracted funding successfully? And what is the opinion of the people who allocate the money? When you attend you will go home with the critical success factors and an upswing of your relevant network with regard to funding. We have four experts in our panel: Felice Verduyn-van Weegen, associate at LSP. Edward van Wezel, Managing Partner and Founder at BioGeneration Ventures B.V.,  Jalal Es-Sbai, co-founder of Catalyze and Ron Byron, Managing Partner of Ekoy Investment Partners. And we have two keynote speakers: Allard Kaptein, co-founder of Acerta and Troels Jordansen from Glycostem.

If you want to join the Funding Event, please send an e-mail to: communications@pivotpark.com