Ceres Nanosciences, Inc. (Ceres) and Innatoss Laboratories (Innatoss) announced today a partnership that will deliver the Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test out of Innatoss’ clinical testing laboratories in the Netherlands for patient benefit throughout the European Union. The Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test is the first highly-sensitive, urine-based test capable of directly detecting a Lyme protein antigen in a patient at any stage of infection. In 2015, Ceres launched the Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test for patients across the United States, after publishing the results of a 268-patient clinical study led by George Mason University in collaboration with leaders from the infectious disease community. To learn more about the Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test in the United States, visit this website.

The partnership announced today makes Innatoss an exclusive provider of the Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test as a laboratory developed test in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. This will complement Innatoss’ CE-certified Q-detect™ test for Q fever.

“Ceres is excited to announce this partnership with Innatoss to make the Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test available to patients across Europe,” said Ross Dunlap, Chief Executive Officer of Ceres, “Innatoss’ reputation as a high-quality, science-focused organization, and their plan to replicate our patient-focused, data-driven approach to roll out the Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test aligns well with Ceres’ strategy. We are pleased to be their partner in the test’s launch in Europe.”

Anja Garritsen, Chief Executive Officer of Innatoss Laboratories, confirms the patients’ need for this Lyme disease test. “An effective test for direct detection of Borrelia burgdorferi has been on our and the patients’ wish lists for a long time. With the Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test, we are introducing such a test in Europe. This is an important step in overcoming the controversy surrounding Lyme disease testing. We expect the results to help answer the challenging question that the physicians and their patients are asking: are symptoms and health issues related to active Borrelia burgdorferi infection?”

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