Frequently asked questions

When was Pivot Park founded ?

Pivot Park, formerly Life Science Park Oss, was founded in February 2012 with the support of MSD, the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), the municipality of Oss, the ministries of Economic Affairs and the province of Noord-Brabant. The Life Science Park is based on the same site as MSD, but is not related to this pharmaceutical company. The Pivot Park is an independant organisation. The province of Noord-Brabant is Pivot Park's shareholder.

What type of companies are located at Pivot Park?

We have state-of-the-art core pharmaceutical R&D facilities, which are open for product developers, Contract Research Organisations and service providers. For start-ups and scale-ups who want to take the next growth step, with often more complex needs. By means of our flexibility and the customisation of our high-end infrastructure we provide a strong launching point for your company.

Which facilities are there at Pivot Park?

Our core facilities:

  • State-of-the-art pharmacology laboratories (biology and chemistry)
  • Numerous modern chemical laboratories for synthesis and analysis
  • Attractive start-up packages, ranging from simple glassware to advanced equipment
  • A continuously growing list with specialised pharmaceutical R&D equipment and related support offered by the Pivot Park Community, like:
    • BioConnection, active in the field of contract services and GMP manufacturing aimed at the development and production of sterile (bio) pharmaceutical drug products
    • ChemConnection, who is housed in the second pilot plant, has expertise in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and nanomedicines. For these innovative products, ChemConnection develops and validates the manufacturing process and the analytical methods, and performs the cGMP manufacture, quality control, and stability studies.
    • Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC), with its Open Access Lab for laboratory automation and High-Throughput Screening facility where drug discovery ca be accelerated.
    • LCMS and NMR facilities.

How big is Pivot Park?

Pivot Park is based in the heart of the city of Oss, the Netherlands, at one site with an open character. The park covers 26.000 m2 of lab- and officespace spread over 7 buildings.

How many companies are based at Pivot Park?

56 companies are based at Pivot Park (July 2018). Check here for an overview.

How many people are employed at Pivot Park

About 550 people are working at Pivot Park (July 2018).

I want to become part of the Pivot Park Community, what should I do?

We are happy to welcome you at Pivot Park to discuss your wishes and needs. Contact us to make an appointment.