Pivot Park, Oss, The Netherlands, February 5th, 2016

BioConnection, Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, has opened today its manufacturing plant in Oss, The Netherlands. The opening ceremony was attended by the city Mayor, BioConnection employees, customers and relations. BioConnection has taken over the manufacturing plant from MSD after 10 years of successful collaboration. Dr. Alexander Willemse, CEO of BioConnection: “We’re very excited to re-open this facility under the ownership and leadership of BioConnection. The ceremony has marked the beginning of a new era for BioConnection. Acquisition of the facility will help us to meet growing market demands and fulfill long-term customer commitments. In addition, we’re strengthened by the Operations team who has been running the facility with dedication and excellence for the past 10 years. This experience and expertise are now part of BioConnection and will help us bring value to our customers. We’re thankful to MSD for the great collaboration in the past and their generous support during the transition phase. We’re confident that we’ll continue to serve our customers with excellence and enthusiasm.”

The plant was initially commissioned and opened in collaboration between BioConnection and Organon, in 2005. Since then it was operated under ownership of Organon (followed by Schering Plough and most recently by MSD), while BioConnection had exclusive access to this plant for their own customers. BioConnection, Pivot Park and MSD reached a transfer agreement in 2015. The plant is currently under a re-validation program and will re-start GMP manufacturing from April 1st 2016. BioConnection provides clinical and commercial drug product supply from this plant in various formats and batch sizes.

About BioConnection B.V.

BioConnection B.V. (www.BioConnection.eu) is a Dutch contract development and manufacturing organization for the development and production of injectable (bio)pharmaceutical products. BioConnection specializes in: Drug Product development (formulation, analytics, lyophilisation), fill & finish and lyophilisation at clinical and commercial scale. BioConnection offers services based on tailor made solutions and customer-focused flexibility from its own plant and through our trusted partners.

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Marijana Golubovic, PhD
Director Business Development

Sjaak Stevense, MD
Director Marketing and Sales