Three years of research at, among others, Innatoss Laboratories in Oss laid the foundation for a new Q fever vaccine. The results of the so-called Q-Vaxcelerate project will soon be made public in “Frontiers in Immunology”.

The Q-Vaxcelerate project is led by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) from the US and is funded by the US Ministry of Defense. The Innatoss laboratory from Oss, thanks to many volunteers from Herpen, has been able to make an important contribution to this project. With the results, MGH can follow up on the development of a properly functioning vaccine against Q fever in the coming years.

The summary of the research “Promiscuous Coxiella burnetii CD4 Epitope Clusters Associated with Human Recall Responses Are Candidates for a Novel T-cell Targeted Multi-Epitope Q-Fever Vaccine” can be found here.

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